Nikki Singletary

Full Stack Meets Empathy

As a full-stack web developer over the past 10+ years, putting the user first has always been a goal of mine. As technologists, it is our duty to ensure our solutions aren't causing harm to our end users.

It starts with us, and it starts with empathy.


The Harrison R. & Azzie Bell Singletary Family Scholarship

One of my personal projects is my family's scholarship fund. The Harrison R. & Azzie Bell Singletary Family Scholarship is an endowment scholarship at North Carolina A&T State University, established in honor of the matriarch and patriarch of this family.

Github Project Page

Ignite This Ish

Ignite This Ish is a 501(c)(3) that aims to utilize empathy and ethical methodologies to create free and accessible digital solutions for marginalized groups, in a world that prioritizes monetization first.

Breakfast Included

Breakfast Included is a travel brand aimed at creating a community for people who wish to travel more often, but don't often see themselves in travel promos/materials.

We aim to answer questions like:

  • How can I gain the confidence to travel solo as a woman?

  • I've never been on a plane before, but I want to travel more. What's the first step?

  • How can I balance travel as a single parent?

  • How should the picky eater prepare for a trip?

  • What does travel look like for someone with a disability?

This is a continuation of the Tribe case study.

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